If you live in a dry area or an area that is considered ‘desert’, such as Arizona or other parts of the southwest, you are familiar with how much dust can get into your home. It makes keeping it clean difficult and can cause problems for individuals with respiratory issues or allergies. Breathing too much polluted air isn’t good for anyone, so let’s discuss how you can keep your home air as clean as possible.

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Check Filters & HVAC System

When is the last time you had your HVAC system inspected by technicians at companies like Howard Air or changed your air conditioner filter? When you’re in a dusty area, you have to check your filter often to keep dust from clogging it and making your system less efficient. Your system should also get regular cleaning to get rid of dust and debris that could cause issues and lead to mold and bacterial growth.

Seal the Home

Your home has many different spots that can let dust inside, such as window sills and the open areas underneath doors. You can protect the home from as much dust as possible by finding these areas and sealing them, keeping dust out and clean air in.

Stop Sweeping

Brooms won’t help get rid of dust in the home; they simply spread the dust into your home’s air. Instead of doing this, it is recommended that you use products that are specified to remove dust from the home and surfaces. Microfiber cloths work well for this process, allowing you to effectively clean the home and eliminate dust.

Check the filter of your HVAC unit often, seal your home wherever possible, and swap out your broom for microfiber cloths. By taking these measures, you can make your home as dust-free as possible and breathe easier in the desert air.